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Work Stream is dedicated to providing top quality training and support for all of your Lean, Six Sigma, and Quality System needs. Work Stream Consultants are industry seasoned professionals who have the necessary experience and expertise to hit the ground running and come up to speed with your requirements in short order. All of our consultants have at a minimum 30 years of real world experience from such functional areas as, Quality Systems, Design, Logistics, Operations, Operational Excellence, Business Process Management. They cover many industries from electronics manufacturing, and service industries to healthcare, pharmacy and medical device manufacturing. Your location becomes our location; our consultants travel the globe to provide the necessary resources to support our clients. Total Customer Satisfaction is a job requirement. Let us tailor a plan to your individual needs. Our goal is to make you successful in your Operational Excellence efforts, using best in class resources.

Our consultants have worked in all 11 GICS stock market sectors (energy, materials, industrial, utilities, healthcare, financial, consumer discretionary, consumer stapes, information technology, communication services, real estate.
Most importantly, they have saved our customers over $1 BILLION dollars!

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Our Consultants are the best in the business!